Are you worried about Staph, Diabetes, Prostrate enlargement, Kidney Stone, Cataract, Glaucoma, Cardiac arrest, peptic Ulcer, Cancer, Arthritis, Spiritual Attacks etc and how you can save you life from any these problems,

Dr Richard Okoye

know what to do, when faced with any of these health challenges.

Dr. Richard Okoye of Doctors save a life foundation in this health talk reveals what you should know about your health to save your life. He gave a talk at a programme he organized at the All Saints Cathedral Hall Onitsha last month where he presented hope for arthritis, Diabetes, Prostrate, Cancer, Hypertension, Cataracts and weak erection with free medical test


In 2003, he came across statistics that claim that 72% of deaths from HIV/AIDS come from Africa. Some said it was because of poverty, but poverty is a global phenomenon. He discovered that the problems of Africans in health related issue is because of lack of information. He decided to ‘go save life’: decode this information in common language; hence thousands of people have been delivered.

Medical language cause people to live in darkness ,disease is not a respecter of title. A professor suffering prostrate enlargement went and took a concoction to dissolve the prostrate, it damaged his kidney and he died. Actual cause of death of relations is the ignorance advice given to them.

One day, as Dr Richard was passing in Portharcourt, one man started shouting, come and see staph, someone shit am for Lucozade Bottle. On close examination, Dr. Richard found out that what was in the bottle was a tape worm. And people buy his medicine so that they can have hot shit to remove staph.


Causes of excessive urination and frequent urination, if the number of times you wake up at night, don’t allow you to sleep, you may have diabetes. If you experience excessive urination, exercise drinking of water (thirst) and excessive eating (hunger) go for a fasting blood sugar test.

Diabetes Mellitus is Insulin Deficiency.

Diabetes Insipidus causes excess urination and kidney problem.

Hormone antideuletic not produced-have deficiency-long urination (volumes) very clean urine (not concentrated) are signs of problem.

Frequent urination can result in urethral scriture e.g. Gonorrhea if not properly treated, damage cell inside penis, cause blockage of pipe, have urethral scripture e.g. problem urinating with pain or stools. Prostrate can also cover the same pipe.


In the past, when prostrate problem occur, the patient has a pipe (Catheter)placed on him, they end up having urethral scriture,and wound in the mouth of the penis, urine may go back resulting in enlarged kidney.

Today, you don’t need to be placed on Catheter for long or to be cut open to address problem of prostrate. We use laser technology to cut lump of prostrate, prevent bleeding, no blood transfusion and it allows person to urinate after wards. The laser cut and seals the vessel.


For those who have kidney stone, we use a medical procedure called Laparoscopic removal without operation. Kidney Stone results when we have dehydration of water-so drink water well enough to prevent kidney problem. We have calcium in our body, and if water doesn’t flush the calcium in the body, they form stones, known as kidney stones.


Dr. Richard Okoye stated that his only assert in this life is his health, where your health stops, prosperity ends. He told a story of a man who had prostate cancer, and decided to keep money for his burial instead of for his treatment, celebration of death ‘God said, I will satisfy you with long life but you need wisdom’.

Mr. Uche, who had Cataract, traveled to Ebonyi State, he was operated on, his eyes covered, after three days opened. He spent 3 months and 6 days in admission, discharged, he returned after two weeks for check up,eye drops was applied to his eyes until he became blind.

My own mum (Dr. Richard Okoye’s Mum) is blind. She had eye problem and said is a spiritual attack, she put all manner of things in her eyes with help of friends, and she didn’t believe her Doctor Son.

Sunny Ogbonna from Rivers, diagnosed of Cataract, operated on and injected on one eye, and could no longer see in one eye. Early last year, he attended Save a Life Free Medical Test and diagnosed of cataract of left eye. The lady doctor convinced him of another method. In August, within 10 minutes, no needles,no bandage, no blood, no injection, he can now see 100% clearly. They had used Phaeco Surgery for cataract on him-the latest eye surgery.

Dr. Richard suggests “if you are poor, remain poor and manage your eye than because of poverty go blind”.

In case of Glaucoma, eye drop reduce it, and shunt surgery open the optic nerve and the person would see well (may be a costly operation).


Some people according to Dr. Richard have Cardiac Arrest and say they have spiritual attack. If you have pain in chest, below breast on left and the pain is severe, go for ECG. You may be having Coronary heart block-cardiac arrest.

If pain right below breast is peptic ulcer, pain at liver or gall bladder. A lady receiving ulcer treatment but had gall bladder cancer, pass laparoscopy saw it. Early detection of every disease including cancer is as good as prevention. If pain in chest, require comprehensive test, if pain in the middle-no organ, if swollen you press it back. Umbilical hyena, if intestine enters there, may have gangrene or die. Pain below is fibroid.


Some people according to Dr. Richard, complain that the stomach make noise. He states that every stomach makes noise. Doctors can put something on stomach to hear noise, if they don’t hear noise, then you are not healthy. Staph, noisy stomach is deception.If you suffer excessive gas-review your dieting, indigestion, constipation stool is dark or blood in stool. We do an endoscopy, canola go through anus, reveals cancer of anus, rectum. It can be detected in time, using colonoscopy before it forms cancer if you are over 50 year’s old.


In 2009, when Dr. Richard Okoye was preparing to travel to USA to medical school, the lord told him, stay back here, I would bring people from all the world to you. Am confident things will change in Nigeria. Last month, a couple from Canada came to Nigeria, operated and left. They sent me message of thanks. We have patients from Spain, USA, Canada; Nigeria would be a health care destination.

If it comes to health, people go to Native; they don’t want to spend money. You borrow to buy land, car, house, but when it comes to your health, you pray. Attention given to everything but your health.

In USA in Texas, monthly health insurance cause $353 and you would book. In UK, you would book for 6 months before your health is taking care off.

Out of top 20 Billionaire in Africa, no Igbo Man, but in Africa nobody is as industrious as Igbo man. When an Igbo man dies, his business die. I have a hospital worth N3 Billion naira in Portharcourt, if am not there it works, I fly doctors abroad for treatment. We are starting another hospital in Ghana soon. I know everything in that hospital and I can be consulting there from Onitsha using what we call Tele medicine


Dr. Richard reveals that you should never take any one to India without advice. Even a medical procedure that is not due –they would do it. He saw a young man with fertility problem at the kidney center. If you must go to India, go there under guidance of somebody (Medical personal) that can ask them questions. How will you mange it? A man did knee replacement in India, but on his way back to Nigeria, it shifted. Jubril Cissie of France broke leg while playing football, within 6 weeks, he came back to play football again. One of our patients Uche had a broken bone, after 6 weeks he went back to school, bones well and joined. If you go to Native people and joint of broken bone is not fixed well or infection enter-problem.


Staph was isolated in 1942. Staph has not, never been identified from medical book to be sexually transmitted. You can browse- what are the causes of staph? How does it manifest? What are symptoms? Etc. read medical books, hear deception out there. If you scrub my skin or body, 50% would see staph. In most lab even their containers is contaminated with staph. See people carrying staph for 20 years and still healthy, not die. They are told if staph stays 10 years in body it turns to HIV, which is a .