By Francis Okoye
Hon. Chijioke Jonathan Edeoga.

A close friend and political associate of Dr. Alex Ekwueme, Nigeria’s former vice president, has opened up and revealed why the North prevented Alex Ekwueme from becoming Nigeria’s president.

In a facebook post on Nov. 21 at 1.08pm, Hon. Edoga, revealed that Alex Ekwueme was frustrated in his presidential bid by the North because of his promotion and idea for Nigeria to be divided into 6 zones, which became a success. He also stated that the North also prevented him from being president because he was Igbo and the Igbo must be punished for several years for being from the tribe from which the killer of Sarduana comes from.

He also revealed that many prominent Igbo people, including Igbo Governors also worked against an Ekwueme’a presidential primary, he sent an emissary to the home of a south East Governor who had just emerged in PDP. I was alone with the governor when the emissary came. He treated the very fair emissary with disdain when the man left and we resumed our discussion, he was so dismissive of Ekwueme’s chance and expressed support for Obasanjo. Most times we are under mined from within.

Dr. Alex Ekwueme also revealed to him, that he thought that Port Harcourt was safer for the Igbo people to invest in, than in Lagos before the war, so he had more properties in Port Harcourt, but he lost all his properties in Port Harcourt after the war and did not loose any in Lagos.