Research findings on Diabetes severity and Tuberculosis infection, show that many are dying of diabetes. One research concluded that diabetes may have increased risk for TB. Diabetics with poor Diabetes control may have high rate of TB infection.

According to Dr. Leornard Martineze, post doctoral research fellow at standford university school of medicine, standford USA, who presented the outcome of the study promising results for an investigation of Glycemic control and prevalence of latent TB infection- Population based study in USA, said confirmatory studies in settings academic necessary.

In a webinar by CNS titled “what”s the link? Diabetes ,Latent TB, active TB disease and MDR-TB”, one of the important highlights of the 48th union world conference on lung health was the study that probed if diabetes affects latent{ or dormant} TB infection. In lead up to 2017 world diabetes day, key experts shared more on the linkages between diabetes and latent TB, active TB and Dr. TB as well as Tobacco use.

According to Dr. Anil Kapur, Chairman Board of Directors, World Diabetes Foundation- patients with diabetes has high risk of developing active TB.

Global burden of diabetes Mellitus and Tuberculosis. In 2015, 415 million people affected by diabetes Mellitus, with 7 million new cases and 5 million deaths. In 2014, the world witnessed 13 million cases of TB, 9.6 million new cases with 1.5 million deaths (1.1million non HIV).

Those with worsen insulin resistance can get TB, Tobacco smoking and Alcohol intake other links to getting TB. Risk of diabetes mellitus more among TB with malnutrition and stunting.

We have key evidence that diabetes mellitus increase risk of active TB, latent TB and MDR TB. Risks increase with worsening glucose control. Incidence in high TB burden countries 5 to 14 times higher. Diabetes mellitus prevalence among TB cases 2 to 3 times that of general population. Many diagnosed only on active testing. Diabetes Mellitus increases risk of adverse TB treatment outcomes, including delayed sputum conversion, higher relapse rate and higher death rate.

TB prevalence increase with rising Diabetes Mellitus prevalence more in low and middle income countries. Diabetes will impact end TB strategy.

Bidirection screening is already being rolled out in Mexico with TB patients being tested for diabetes and people with diabetes tested for TB. 1 out of 4 TB patients have diabetes in Mexico, Indonesia and Tanzania also have bidirectional screening as a national policy.

Diabetes Mellitus increases risk of active TB about 3 fold, undiagnosed, inadequately treated and poorly controlled. Diabetes Mellitus is a bigger threat to TB prevention and control in high burden countries than previously realized.

Prof. Dr. Surya Kant, National President India Chest Society, head of respiratory medicine, dept, KGMU, concludes that diabetes mellitus with pulmonary Tuberculosis is a double trouble .Controlled Diabetes Mellitus effects outcome of TB, Diabetes Mellitus must be controlled. Persons with TB who smoke require Tobacco cessation counseling. Active smoking affects it, increase risk of re-occurrence of TB. They should be screening for Diabetes mellitus in persons with active TB.

The webinar moderator included Ashok Ramsarup, SADC former award winning producer and Shobha Shukla, managing Editor Citizen News Service

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