Francis Okoye

Nigerians in Chinese prisons, especially Nigerian inmates at Beijing No 2 Prison, Beijing, China, want the Federal Government to bring them back home to Nigeria to serve their remaining terms in

Nigerians in prison oversea

Nigerian Prisons.

Nigerians in prison oversea

According to a letter addressed to the president of Nigeria, Mohammadu Buhari, from Beijing No 2 Prison, Chao Yang District, Box 100121, Beijing China, made available to this writer. They wrote, “we the Nigerian inmates at Beijing No 2 Prison Beijing, China, is pleading for your assistance and help, we are being subjected to different kinds of inhumane and barbaric treatment here in this prison. Most of us here have been in this prison for more than a decade. We are not innocent of the crime ,neither are we proud of it.”

“We are subjected to various kinds of physical, mental and psychological abuse, racism, malnutrition due to bad food and inadequate or no medication. We are breaking down one by one on daily basis. We depend on our poor families back home to send money to us for our feeding and daily needs”.

The prisoners concluded in the letter “we are pleading that you expedite any efforts to bring us back to Nigeria to complete the remaining of our sentences. The Chinese Government have made it clear that any country can take their citizen to serve in their respective countries and some countries have done so. We believe that it will be better for us and Nigeria society at large if we undergo reformation back home according to our custom and ideology than in a strange land where everything is totally different and where we are treated as slaves.